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Kodak Alaris Document Scanners

Atlas Office Solutions will implement the ideal Kodak Alaris document scanner solution for your organization.

Scanner Range   

Speed  (PPM/IPM)     

Feeder     Capacity     

Duty Cycle     


Network S2050 50/100 80 5,000 USB connected
Network S2060w 60/120 80 7,000 Network/wireless with 3.5″ control panel
Network S2070 70/140 80 7,000 USB connected
Network S2080w 80/160 80 8,000 Network/wireless with 3.5″ control panel
Network Scan Station 710 70/140 75 6,000 Duplex, touch screen with 10/100/1000 Base T connectivity
Network Scan Station 730EX      70/140 75 6,000 Same as the 710 plus output to Kofax Front Office Server
Desktop ScanMate i940 20/40 20 1,000 Compact, USB-powered
Desktop ScanMate i1150 30/60 75 3,000 Faster, more robust version of the i940 with a larger feeder
Desktop ScanMate i1150WN 30/60 75 3,000 i1150 with the ability to scan wirelessly from your mobile device
Desktop i1190 40/80 75 5,000 Faster, more robust version of the i1150
Desktop i1190E 40/80 75 5,000 i1190 with Perfect Page image enhancement software
Desktop i1190WN 40/80 75 5,000 i1190 with the ability to scan wirelessly from your mobile device
Desktop i2420 40/80 75 5,000 i1190 with a 7-segment, touchscreen display
Desktop i2620 60/120 100 7,000 Best value of the i2000 Series
Desktop i2820 70/140 100 8,000 Top-of-the-line i2000 Series model
Desktop i2900 60/120 250 10,000 Most robust Workgroup scanner with a built-in A4 flatbed
Departmental i3200 50/100 250 15,000 The fastest, most robust departmental scanner on the market
Departmental i3250 50/100 250 15,000 i3200 with integrated flatbed
Departmental i3300 70/140 250 17,500 Faster version of the i3200
Departmental i3400 90/180 250 20,000 Faster version of the i3300
Departmental i3450 90/180 250 20,000 i3400 with integrated flatbed
Departmental i3500 110/220 300 25,000 Faster i3450 without the flatbed
Production i4250 110/220 500 40,000 Faster, more robust than i3000 Series
Production i4650 130/260 500 75,000 Best value of the i4000 Series
Production i4850 150/300 500 125,000 Top-of-the-line i4000 Series model
Production i5250 150/300 750 No Limit Includes intelligent document protection, barcode reading, intelligent imprinting, and patch counting
Production i5250V 150/300 750 No Limit i5250 with Kofax VRS CGA hardware and professional software
Production i5650 180/360 750 No Limit Best value of the i5000 Series
Production i5650S 180/360 750 No Limit i5650 with automated sorting via 3 output trays configured through TWAIN and ISIS drivers
Production i5650V 180/360 750 No Limit i5650 with Kofax VRS CGA hardware and professional software
Production i5850 210/420 750 No Limit Faster i5250/5650 with built-in table and optional controlled dual stacking accessory
Production i5850S 210/420 750 No Limit i5850 with automated sorting via 3 output trays configured through TWAIN and ISIS drivers

Desktop Document Scanners

Simplify and streamline workflows with Kodak and Alaris branded desktop scanners for business. Our workgroup scanners are portable, quiet, and intelligently designed for easy integration.
High volume, high speed workgroup document scanners from Alaris are designed to maximize productivity and flexibility. Scan up to 80 pages per minute through an automatic document feeder with select models.
  • Connect to your day to day business processes with one button document capture
  • Make ad-hoc scanning and sharing simple with interactive operator control panels
  • Integrate our desktop document scanners with your business process and systems using industry-standard drivers
  • Extract accurate, high quality information with Perfect Page technology and our award-winning scanner portfolio
  • Go driverless with our WebAPI integration for web based applications, and scan directly to your chosen cloud service
  • Share access with multiple people, using network connected, wireless models
  • Deploy scanning infrastructure across your business with control and security using Easy Setup or our Asset Management Software
Explore the best desktop document scanners for mid-sized businesses that need portable, flexible solutions below.

Departmental Document Scanners

Large organizations require high volume commercial scanning solutions to minimize downtime and keep work flowing. Ideal for busy environments, Kodak branded departmental scanners from Alaris are simple to use and seamlessly integrate with your capture applications.
High speed departmental scanners from Alaris are perfect for law firms, government offices, insurance agencies, or any business requiring high volume scanning solutions.
  • Power through volumes of up to 35,000 pages per day with compact departmental workgroup scanners
  • Prevent document damage and save time with Intelligent Document Protection that listens for and alerts you to potential problems
  • Extract accurate, high quality information with Perfect Page technology and our award-winning scanner portfolio
  • Automate your document processing with built-in barcode reading & Alaris Perfect Page image processing
  • Integrate with TWAIN, ISIS, and Linux based scanning applications to make managing data as easy as scanning documents
Departmental document scanners with award-winning features by Alaris improve claims processing time, help meet regulatory compliance, and offer image accuracy as well as speed and reliability

Production Document Scanners

Kodak branded high speed production scanners from Alaris are perfect for back offices or service bureaus and business process outsourcers (BPOs). Explore the best heavy duty document scanner solutions for high volumes from Alaris.
Scanners from Alaris accurately scan materials for digitization of your most important documents. Our production document scanners are built to withstand heavy use by busy centralized production teams, while still offering award-winning image quality
  • Reduce pre and post document processing costs with capabilities that put users in control
  • Leverage up to 210 page per minute scanning speeds
  • Experience peak productivity even with sophisticated image quality and enhancement features like Perfect Page Technology and Intelligent Document Protection turned on
  • Keep operations running with our reliable, award-winning scanner portfolio
  • Sort documents with select models so post processing costs can be minimized
  • Monitor multi-feeds, quickly choose to accept, ignore or rescan images before sending to the application
  • View our Biel's Document Management Case Study and learn more about our Production Series capabilities
Controlled output paper stacking, models with scan rates up to 150,000 documents a day, and Dynamic Flow Technology combine to make scanners from Alaris the best-in-class for production scanning.

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