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You won't be in business long before you run across an issue with a computer or printer. You do what every logical person does and you search the web for the solution. The answers online come in the form of blog posts and Youtube videos which to be frank leave a lot to be desired. You have limited or near no money to fix the problem and after an hour or more of hunting the web you are about to cry and/or kick the computer or printer to the curb. You need help but you can't afford to pay $100 per hour. Sound familiar? Our support team is affordable and can often solve issues remotely in moments. When a physical visit is needed we can often can make it the same day. We have affordable support agreements that keep costs very manageable or one time visits that won't leave the pocket book hurting. Oh, we are friendly crew that has experienced the above ourselves but after more than 30 years in the industry we have picked up a few answers which could be helpful in your situation. Pick up the phone and call 306.591.3466 and speak to one of our professionals.

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Atlas Office offers all premium copiers, printers and scanners brands in the market place. We also stock printer supplies and can repair all makes and models quickly.

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