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Corresponding to OEM# Description Model Description
TTFC25C GENERIC TFC25C (G) eS-2040C,2540C TONER CYAN eS-2040C,2540C,3040C,3540C,4540C
TTFC25K GENERIC TFC25K (G) eS-2040C,2540C TONER BLACK eS-2040C,2540C,3040C,3540C,4540C
TTFC25M GENERIC TFC25M (G) eS-2040C,2540C TONER MAG eS-2040C,2540C,3040C,3540C,4540C
TTFC25Y GENERIC TFC25Y (G) eS-2040C,2540C TONER YLW eS-2040C,2540C,3040C,3540C,4540C
TTFC28C GENERIC TFC28C (G) eS-2330C,2830C TONER CYAN eS-2330C,2820C,2830C,3520C,3530C,4520C
TTFC28K GENERIC TFC28K (G) eS-2330C,2830C TONER BLACK eS-2330C,2820C,2830C,3520C,3530C,4520C
TTFC28M GENERIC TFC28M (G) eS-2330C,2830C TONER MAG eS-2330C,2820C,2830C,3520C,3530C,4520C
TTFC28Y GENERIC TFC28Y (G) eS-2330C,2830C TONER YLW eS-2330C,2820C,2830C,3520C,3530C,4520C
TTFC50C GENERIC TFC50UC (G) eS-2555, 3055 TONER CYAN eS-2555C,3055C,3555C,4555C,5055C
TTFC50K GENERIC T-FC50UK (G) eS-2555, 3055 TONER BLK eS-2555C,3055C,3555C,4555C,5055C
TTFC50M GENERIC T-FC50UM (G) eS-2555, 3055 TONER MGTA eS-2555C,3055C,3555C,4555C,5055C
TTFC50Y GENERIC T-FC50UY (G) eS-2555, 3055 TONER YLW eS-2555C,3055C,3555C,4555C,5055C
TTFC55K GENERIC TFC55K,TFC65K,TFC75K (G) TOSHIBA T-FC55K/65K TONER BLK eS-5520C,5540,5540C,5560,6520,6540,6560,6550C
TTFC55M GENERIC TFC55M,TFC65M,TFC75M (G) TOSHIBA T-FC55M/65M TONER MGTA eS-5520C,5540,5540C,5560,6520,6540,6560,6550C
TTFC55Y GENERIC TFC55Y,TFC65Y,TFC75Y (G) TOSHIBA T-FC55Y/65Y TONER YLW eS-5520C,5540,5540C,5560,6520,6540,6560,6550C
TTK15 GENERIC TK-15 (G) DP-120F/125F TONER DP-120F,125F
TT1710 GENERIC T-1710 (G) BD1710/1650/2050 TONER BD-1650,1710,2050,2310,2500,2540
TT220P GENERIC T-220P (G) BD4910/5910 TONER 2230Turbo,4910,7910
TT2450 GENERIC T-2450 (G) eS-195,223,225,243,245 TONER eS-195,223,225,243,245
TT2460 GENERIC T-2460 (G) DP-2460/2570 TONER DP-2460,2570
TT2840 GENERIC T-2840 (G) T-2840 TONER eS-203L,233,283
TT3210 GENERIC T-3210 (G) BD3210/2532/3240 TONER 2532Turbo,3210
TT3500 GENERIC T-3500 (G) ES-28,35,45 TONER eS-28,35,45
TT3520 GENERIC T-3520; T-4520 (G) ES-350,450 TONER eS-350,352,353,450,452,453
TT3580 GENERIC T-3580 (G) DP3580 TONER DP-3580
TT4530 GENERIC T-4530 (G) ES-205L,255,305,355 TONER eS-205L,205SE,255,255SE,305,305SE,355,355SE,455,455SE
TT4550 GENERIC T-4550 (G) BD4550,3550 TONER '3550,4550
TT4590 GENERIC T-4590 (G) TOSHIBA eS-206L,256,356 TONER eS-206L,256,306,356,456,506
TT6510 GENERIC T-6510 (G) eS-550,650,810 TONER eS-550,650,810
TT6550 GENERIC T-6550 (G) BD5540/6550 LAN-6755 TONER TOSHIBA 5540,6550|LANIER 6755,6765
TT6560 GENERIC T-6560 (G) BD5560/6560 TONER LANIER 7355,7365|TOSHIBA 5560,6560
TT6570 GENERIC T-6570 (G) BD5570/6570 TONER DP-4580,5570,6570,8070;eS-55,65,80
TT7550 GENERIC T-7550 (G) BD7550/7560 TONER TOSHIBA 7550,7560|LANIER 6775,7375
TT85P GENERIC T-85P (G) BD1310/3810/3910 TONER 1310;BD-3810,3910

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